Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Kid on the Blog

If anyone is best qualified to comment on new and exciting things happening in the world of blogs, I certainly am not the one. I just updated my links and deleted blogs that had been left untouched for as long as two years, but inspired by one of my mates, I feel an upsurge in blogging is around the corner. After all, the country is at a crossroad, so my opinion is obviously of interest to the world - right?

So while I toy with the idea of writing more often and dividing my hobby hours between my D-SLR and my dot com desires, it is a great honor to welcome my friend to the world of blogging.

In the Shadow of the Valley of Ghosts is a well written, funny and enjoyable blog, and I wish my mate much success on this new found venture into geekiness... but one piece of advice, quit writing blog posts in the margin of the newspaper on the way into the office!

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