Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Music to my Ears

Israel could be compared to many other Western countries, we have advanced technology, cell phone operation, a strong currency and many are able to live at a fairly good standard of living. On the other side of the coin, many live in poverty, services (and students) strike at will, and the banks have a mind of their own.

Although I wasn't a regular concert goer in my pre-aliya days, it was nice to know I could go to a gig as and when I wanted to. On the whole, I am content with my CD collection (hmm... some would consider CD vs MP3 arguably third world!) or the radio, but the occasional live music event would be great.

Last month, media outlets picked up on the fact that both the Rolling Stones and Britney Spears are planning to perform in Israel. This was seen as a huge milestone as big names had been canceling gigs, or avoiding scheduling dates in Israel since the intifada. There is an optimistic feeling that bands will start to include Tel Aviv on Jerusalem for their tour venues.

A new website, bo'ya'manyak seeks to change this attitude.
The concept of the site is simple: Choose an international performer you would like to see in Israel, and name the highest price you are willing to pay per ticket. That's all – now you're part of the revolution. The website's homepage features a list of favorites at any given moment. YNET
The request-a-gig concept sounds like a great idea, and in the long run, perhaps these guys could become the of ticketmaster, and they certainly have an Israeli spin. I don't imagine an Amercian or British website called "Come here you jerk" getting much positive coverage, but the chutzpah that we love sure does help to get things done our way.

Who knows if this will change... but if I get a chance to see Green Day live in Israel, I will never ever have to leave this beautiful country ever again.

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