Monday, May 21, 2007

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Time has passed, the public has become passive. I guess it was inevitable, perhaps that is just why Olmert didn't step down in the face of national outcry. He knew it wouldn't last.

Are we really that fickle? Can we put aside all our difference and flock to Tel Aviv to stand up for what is right, but back down as soon as we don't get our own way. Perhaps, deep down, the disposable society we have become has thrown out the desire for a new government.

When signing a petition on a Jerusalem street, a passer-by refused to add his name as "it wouldn't make a difference". I told him what I thought of his view... He was right - if everyone chose to do nothing, there would be no change.

We, the people that care about the state of Israel, need to shake the voter apathy and stand up for our beliefs.

We have no control, there is little alternative. What else is left? It's not like me to re-post someone else's work, but Lizrael's post is genius, and makes light of the situation we are growing to tolerate.

If only it was that easy.

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