Monday, May 21, 2007

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Time has passed, the public has become passive. I guess it was inevitable, perhaps that is just why Olmert didn't step down in the face of national outcry. He knew it wouldn't last.

Are we really that fickle? Can we put aside all our difference and flock to Tel Aviv to stand up for what is right, but back down as soon as we don't get our own way. Perhaps, deep down, the disposable society we have become has thrown out the desire for a new government.

When signing a petition on a Jerusalem street, a passer-by refused to add his name as "it wouldn't make a difference". I told him what I thought of his view... He was right - if everyone chose to do nothing, there would be no change.

We, the people that care about the state of Israel, need to shake the voter apathy and stand up for our beliefs.

We have no control, there is little alternative. What else is left? It's not like me to re-post someone else's work, but Lizrael's post is genius, and makes light of the situation we are growing to tolerate.

If only it was that easy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One Belief

Tonight we mark Forty year since Jerusalem was reunified. Forty years since out capital became one. Forty years is a while and many wonder if we have found stability in our eternal capital.

Putting the politics aside, we should remember that we all have one focus, so for one day, let's try get along. Put aside the lunchtime discussion about the charedim, students or left wing. Forget about the secular guy that cut you off as you drove in or the kibbutznik that ripped you off. Just remember that we're all Israeli's, we're all Jews, and down the line, we all want one thing.

One Belief

Jerusalem is viewed by many as the soul of our country, and out country the soul of our religion, so until we're at peace within the city, can't accomplish much as a nation.

Chag Sameach. Let's work on being one.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Music to my Ears

Israel could be compared to many other Western countries, we have advanced technology, cell phone operation, a strong currency and many are able to live at a fairly good standard of living. On the other side of the coin, many live in poverty, services (and students) strike at will, and the banks have a mind of their own.

Although I wasn't a regular concert goer in my pre-aliya days, it was nice to know I could go to a gig as and when I wanted to. On the whole, I am content with my CD collection (hmm... some would consider CD vs MP3 arguably third world!) or the radio, but the occasional live music event would be great.

Last month, media outlets picked up on the fact that both the Rolling Stones and Britney Spears are planning to perform in Israel. This was seen as a huge milestone as big names had been canceling gigs, or avoiding scheduling dates in Israel since the intifada. There is an optimistic feeling that bands will start to include Tel Aviv on Jerusalem for their tour venues.

A new website, bo'ya'manyak seeks to change this attitude.
The concept of the site is simple: Choose an international performer you would like to see in Israel, and name the highest price you are willing to pay per ticket. That's all – now you're part of the revolution. The website's homepage features a list of favorites at any given moment. YNET
The request-a-gig concept sounds like a great idea, and in the long run, perhaps these guys could become the of ticketmaster, and they certainly have an Israeli spin. I don't imagine an Amercian or British website called "Come here you jerk" getting much positive coverage, but the chutzpah that we love sure does help to get things done our way.

Who knows if this will change... but if I get a chance to see Green Day live in Israel, I will never ever have to leave this beautiful country ever again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

14.05.07 All of the State of Israel in Black

Translation to follow. Please publicize.

On the 14th May 2007, all of Israel's citzens will wear back shirts to mark the many months since the Israeli soldiers were captured.

In July 2006, ten months ago, Ehud Regev, Gilad Shilat and Ehud Goldwasser were captured. Almost a year later, no one has heard anything from them. We don't know where they are, if they are alive, what their conditions are, or what happened to them during this period. Almost a year and their families don't function, and do everything to return them to their homes. Almost a full year and no one does anything to bring them home.

Almost a year has passed, and no one knows when this nightmare will be over. We can not let this subject go unnoticed from the daily agenda!!

We, the citizens of Israel unite together, and do everything, in order that the soldiers will be returned to their homes quickly.

These three soliders went out to defend our country!! To defend us!!

On 14 May 2007, Monday, we will all be in black shirts, and we call to you, Ehud Olmert, return these soldiers to their homes, and the normal lives their had before.

Please publicize this to all who you know, however you can.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Kid on the Blog

If anyone is best qualified to comment on new and exciting things happening in the world of blogs, I certainly am not the one. I just updated my links and deleted blogs that had been left untouched for as long as two years, but inspired by one of my mates, I feel an upsurge in blogging is around the corner. After all, the country is at a crossroad, so my opinion is obviously of interest to the world - right?

So while I toy with the idea of writing more often and dividing my hobby hours between my D-SLR and my dot com desires, it is a great honor to welcome my friend to the world of blogging.

In the Shadow of the Valley of Ghosts is a well written, funny and enjoyable blog, and I wish my mate much success on this new found venture into geekiness... but one piece of advice, quit writing blog posts in the margin of the newspaper on the way into the office!

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Morning After

During my lifetime, the British government has switched hands once. I was born under a Conservative government, and one beautiful day in 1997, Tony Blair's New Labour party was handed the keys to Parliament and has successfully run the country to this day. Sure, there is the odd hiccup or disagreement, but nothing worth writing home about.

Israeli politics doesn't have that stability, and although everyone hates the annual, bi-annual election fever, it is time we head down that road. Our situation reminds me of "a new king arose and he did not know Yoseph" Shemot 1:8. Olmert assumed power on Sharon's popularity, but is clueless. The Winograd report tells us he acted with haste, and did not turn to those in the know for advice. A war was launched without considering the consequences, and Olmert is too stubborn to admit he messed up and it's time for him to go.

The course of history has been changed in Kikar Rabin before, and last night, Israel tried to change the course of today's history. I was one of the hundreds of thousands who went to Tel Aviv for one purpose. To be counted and the sight before me when I arrived was one I had never seen before. Chilonim and dati'im embraced a common goal. The left and the right stood side by side. Kikar Rabin was filled to capacity with Jews, Israelis, from all over the country, and olim from all over the world, united to tell the government, Ad Kan (Untill Here)!!!

No one expected this mornings front pages to feature Olmert's departure from office, but now he knows how I feel, along with a good proportion of the country, and the decent thing for him to do would be to step down.

It's got to hurt a guys ego when that many people think you're utterly enept!

Olmert Go Home


Elections NOW

Headline News

Headline News


Elections Now

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Olmert Go Home

100,000 is a large number.... so when they gather, from all over the country, and unite, despite political, religious and geographical divides, you know they are serious.

I just came back from the hafgana in Tel Aviv aimed at telling Ehud Olmert what the people thing of his leadership.

Check out my photos at while I formulate my thoughts on the events of the last few days.

Olmert, if you are reading this - go home.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

National Draft Order

"Coming to Rabin Square on Thursday is a national draft order," said Dayan. "The Winograd Committee has said its piece; now the public must say its. We, members of a public coalition, will not allow the conclusions to dissolve. The prime minister and defense minister who failed in making fateful decisions, in using the military and in abandoning the home front, must resign immediately."
Yesterday was an important day for Israel. The sugar coating was blown off the truth and the Winograd Committee released their initial, partial report, focusing on the first five days of the Second Lebanese War, and Olmert is still holding on to office with a smug sense of satisfaction.

Pirkei Avot states habayshan lo lomed [the embarrassed person doesn't learn], but we can not let this happen to Olmert once again. A Channel Two poll released this morning showed that zero percent - no one - would vote for Olmert if elections were held tomorrow, and yet, Kadima sit tightly in their seats, knowing that their party of opportunists and lime-light seekers is doomed should the Israeli public be allowed to head to the polls again.

Zero percent. That is not a result I have seen published before. We're not talking about a drop in the polls or a loss of respect. We're talking about utter disgust, and yet the voting public are too apathetic to pressure for a change of leadership.

On Thursday, many will gather in Kikar Rabin (Tel Aviv) to show their feeling. The protest has been organized to bring our feeling to the attention of the men with the blood on their hands. Olmert acted in haste, and without experience, but even worse, he didn't seek advice from those more experienced, and in order to preserve any shred of respect he may have left, it is time for him to step down.

Make your voice heard and be counted.