Friday, May 4, 2007

The Morning After

During my lifetime, the British government has switched hands once. I was born under a Conservative government, and one beautiful day in 1997, Tony Blair's New Labour party was handed the keys to Parliament and has successfully run the country to this day. Sure, there is the odd hiccup or disagreement, but nothing worth writing home about.

Israeli politics doesn't have that stability, and although everyone hates the annual, bi-annual election fever, it is time we head down that road. Our situation reminds me of "a new king arose and he did not know Yoseph" Shemot 1:8. Olmert assumed power on Sharon's popularity, but is clueless. The Winograd report tells us he acted with haste, and did not turn to those in the know for advice. A war was launched without considering the consequences, and Olmert is too stubborn to admit he messed up and it's time for him to go.

The course of history has been changed in Kikar Rabin before, and last night, Israel tried to change the course of today's history. I was one of the hundreds of thousands who went to Tel Aviv for one purpose. To be counted and the sight before me when I arrived was one I had never seen before. Chilonim and dati'im embraced a common goal. The left and the right stood side by side. Kikar Rabin was filled to capacity with Jews, Israelis, from all over the country, and olim from all over the world, united to tell the government, Ad Kan (Untill Here)!!!

No one expected this mornings front pages to feature Olmert's departure from office, but now he knows how I feel, along with a good proportion of the country, and the decent thing for him to do would be to step down.

It's got to hurt a guys ego when that many people think you're utterly enept!

Olmert Go Home


Elections NOW

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Headline News


Elections Now

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