Tuesday, May 1, 2007

National Draft Order

"Coming to Rabin Square on Thursday is a national draft order," said Dayan. "The Winograd Committee has said its piece; now the public must say its. We, members of a public coalition, will not allow the conclusions to dissolve. The prime minister and defense minister who failed in making fateful decisions, in using the military and in abandoning the home front, must resign immediately." http://tinyurl.com/26ealn
Yesterday was an important day for Israel. The sugar coating was blown off the truth and the Winograd Committee released their initial, partial report, focusing on the first five days of the Second Lebanese War, and Olmert is still holding on to office with a smug sense of satisfaction.

Pirkei Avot states habayshan lo lomed [the embarrassed person doesn't learn], but we can not let this happen to Olmert once again. A Channel Two poll released this morning showed that zero percent - no one - would vote for Olmert if elections were held tomorrow, and yet, Kadima sit tightly in their seats, knowing that their party of opportunists and lime-light seekers is doomed should the Israeli public be allowed to head to the polls again.

Zero percent. That is not a result I have seen published before. We're not talking about a drop in the polls or a loss of respect. We're talking about utter disgust, and yet the voting public are too apathetic to pressure for a change of leadership.

On Thursday, many will gather in Kikar Rabin (Tel Aviv) to show their feeling. The protest has been organized to bring our feeling to the attention of the men with the blood on their hands. Olmert acted in haste, and without experience, but even worse, he didn't seek advice from those more experienced, and in order to preserve any shred of respect he may have left, it is time for him to step down.

Make your voice heard and be counted.

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