Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rambo: fast and easy!

I've spoken of Ergo before and since then have become a huge fan of the software. Not only does this software combine Desktop Search and internet Search, but it acts as an awesome 3d Search Engine.

With visual search becoming the new big thing, I am waiting to see how Google want to join this race!

YouTube Videos

First let me say this, THANK YOU TURTLE SAYS. I still remember how I first came across this website, I was bored one day and then when I saw this site, I immediately began to enjoy myself on the internet. When I first stumbled upon, their joke of the day brought the biggest smile on my face. After that I continued on to their daily YouTube videos, and just like that an hour went by. So after all that I took a look at what else they have to offer, I then saw there photo of the day, when I saw that, the picture made my smile even bigger. Turtle Says is one site everybody should know about.