Monday, January 29, 2007

Break from Routine

Every so often, it is good to take a break from the norm. Do something differently or take some time away. Knowing I had a doctors appointment I had to make at 4pm, and other errands and tasks that needed to be completed beforehand, I took a day away from the 6.30am alarm clock and didn't go into work. My 10am wake up came at the same time as news from Eilat filtered through to the news channels.

Three murdered by a suicide bomber.

This evening, I had an email waiting from a friend in the US. A friend in touch with her feelings and knows where she should be living, but has things she wants to finish up before making aliya. The email touched me, there was an expression of love for the land that is ours, there was an expression of desire to be here, and an expression of confusion at the mindless murder that takes place.

We don't always know the reasons why, the when or the how, but one thing I know for sure. We need to look to the day when this sort of thing stops happening. The day when kassam's aren't flying into our boarders from a territory given to a hostile neighbour with no historic claim. The day when the country isn't at risk from aeriel attack and summer vacations can be a relaxing break and not a war.

That day will come, but until then, we must hold our breath and remember where we should be.

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