Thursday, February 1, 2007

Olmert, bow your head.

Sabra at Heart has voiced the sentiments of many this morning. The time has come. Olmert needs to go. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you must agree that the Prime Minister needs to command the respect of the country. When that is not the case, change is due.

In my opinion, Olmert's resignation is overdue for a number of reasons but for for now I'll keep them to myself, (I am writing from work and by 6pm tonight I must get the weeks tasks finished or it'll be a work-from-home-Friday) but have a think. Are you really happy with the corruption of the leadership, and the deceit the country's figurehead stands for?

Click here to sign the petition calling for Olmert's resignation.

Our baby state has had to fight for it's life from the moment of it's conception. We have stayed alive and reached adolescence, and we must continue to focus on the aim of a stable, safe, and secure country for those of us who live here now, and every single Zionist round the world whose eyes focus on our land and hearts call it home.

Before we could recover from the disengagement, we were hit by war, but rather than having a determined leadership, familiar with the dangers of Middle East captaining our ship, our Government is made of opportunists and pacifists.

Put the politics aside for a minute, and foucs on the root of the problem. Very few card-carrying Israeli's respect Olmert. The least we deserve is the chance to make our voice heard.

Read Sabra at Heart's Post: The Call for Ehud Olmert to Resign NOW here.

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