Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's a Sad day for Israel

Prime Minister Olmert was partly right in his speech delivered in Herzliya. It is a sad day for Israel. We should all be worried about the country we're living in and the way man is interacting with his neighbour. It's a sad day when Olmert, the Government and the citizens of Israel have forgotten the basic human right of "innocent until proven guilty".
HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called in a speech on Wednesday for President Moshe Katsav to resign over allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Citing the attorney-general's threat to indict Katsav, Olmert said: "I have no doubt in my heart the president cannot continue to carry out his duties and that he must leave the presidential residence. This is a sad day for the State of Israel."

I don't know the full story, none of us do, but Katsav has been hung, drawn and quartered before given a chance to clear his name. Perhaps these charges are nothing more than a conspiracy, or exaggerated claims, or he could indeed be guilty, but the lack of respect the country is showing the President of the State of Israel is embarrassing.

When in the public eye, maybe one should step away from the limelight in order to focus on the scandal, clear their name or face the penalty, but Olmert should be offering support and courage to the defendant, until proven guilty, rather than pushing him out of office six months before his term is due to finish.

If Katsav is found guilty, the current barrage of condemnation will surely reach the international media once again, but until that moment, can people try and remember that as of this moment, these accusations have not been proved, and the man standing before us has the right to be considered innocent until the evidence is presented to a court of law who decides otherwise.

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