Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dave Gorman's Genius

For many years now, I have had a favorite comedian. Dave Gorman is simply a comic legend, his early work like "Reasons to be Happy" that was made for stage and performed round the UK, and at the Edinborogh festival.

Later on, his career took off with shows on the BBC, most famously, "The Dave Gorman Collection", then Dave Gorman's Googlewhack adventure. To be honest, I was not a fan of his Astrological Experiment series, but I am the proud owner of signed copies of his books, and have seen him live twice. This series delves into the minds of possible inventors, and who knows, they may even win themselves a UK Holiday House for their efforts! Accommodation in the UK can be hard to come by!

Until Dave gets back on the screen, he's on the BBC again. His show Genius is back on Radio 4 and radio on demand makes the work day that bit easier!

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