Friday, September 28, 2007

Right to the Point

It's been a while since I have seen some true honesty in film. Directors shoot for the stars, trying to make an epic movie that will outlive the test of time. Sometimes Hollywood tries too hard, nut Michael Davis got this one just right.

Shoot 'Em Up has no realy plot or premise, but it doesn't waste much time pretending to either. It's a movie of gunshots, violence with a damn good soundtrack, and once you have seen this film, you'll never look at a carrot in the same way again!

"Do we really suck, or is this guy really this good?"

In enjoy the movies, but all too often I leave the theater wishing I could get those two hours back. This time I left wishing I could go back right in there. This film is honest, from the title down. It's about shooting.

If you want an intellectual challenge or food for thought, forget it, this movie won't satisfy you, but if you want to feed the testosterone with blood, violence and heavy metal... book a ticket right now!

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