Saturday, September 29, 2007

Facebook breaks it down

Ok, so most of us use Facebook. It overtook mySpace for teenagers, and professionally some would say it left LinkedIn waiting in the shadows, but perhaps that was the problem. Do young professionals want to share pictures of last nights drunken antics with a world of potential San Fransisco Bay employers?

Zuckerberg to the rescue. Yesterday, Tech Crunch reported that Facebook will allow you to group your friends, so different groups will get different info. Now those old high school buddies that you added so not to offend, won't have the same access as your co-workers you wish to share every second of your life with.

The Facebook phenomena took over. It wasn't sudden, but as soon as they opened the gates of their site to the non-college world, every week has seen a change. Almost every time I log in, something has changed, and to be honest, I don't like it. I am not sure why we're compelled to put our lives online, but this small change could make the world of difference.

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