Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog Stuff - probably quite boring!

It's definitely one of those days. Yes, I do have work to do, but the likes of Flickr, wikipedia, xkcd.com, Meebo and an argument with a friend about the color of grapefruit have been much more interesting that actually working. Surprisingly, Facebook didn't make it onto that list. I work in hi-tech, I can spend time on the net, right?

In the spirit of High Tech, or rather inspired by a conversation with a co-worker about how people found his blog, I had a look at some of my referral stats, and it's amazing what some people try to find on Google. There are some logical search results that lead people here, such as 'nargila', 'bezeq', 'Adi Ashkanazi' - all of which are things I have commented on... that makes sense.

The oddest search result to reach me was probably 'apple slicer and stitches' - kind wishes go out to whoever it was I share that experience in common with... and as for Mr. 'Ulpan Etzion Sex', I wish you an easy klita!

Well... now that I have publicized my geeky tendencies online, I got to run home, my lift is waiting. Perhaps Route 443 will have hold inspiring to write about tomorrow.

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