Sunday, November 5, 2006

Sex and this City

I just deleted a post about this weeks Gay Pride march. I am going to save my thought till after the event, then may, or may not, publish them. What I will say is this.

Jerusalem may be the holy city, but in reality is it just another modern metropolis. Ok, there isn't a train line or 24 hour gas stations on every corner, but Jerusalem is just like many other modern cities round the world. There is a diverse population, a strengthening economy and a strong night life. Judaism has become a very diverse religion, the boundary of acceptable behaviour has been stretched to the point where many can live a secular and religious lifestyle side by side.

Is there really a reason not to allow the Gay Pride event not to take place?

Although I don't feel ones sexuality is something that should be flaunted publicly, be you gay or straight, people like to march, people like to party. Whether or not anyone has the right to hold the march is a different story. If you ask my honest opinion, I would say I would prefer the march not to take place in Jerusalem, primarily because it makes the whole event much more political, but I hope this event is allowed to pass peacefully.

Israel has enough problems, no need to hate other Jews just to prove a point.

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