Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Office Space

I've got a pretty good job. I can't complain about the salary or colleagues. Conditions are great and, within reason, I have a lot of flexibility. We're a department that get on well socially, and glue excellently professionally. The only down side has to be the daily commute.

Today was different.

For the first time since I joined the company, probably around seven months ago, work was not fun. Sure, there are days that the work is dull, but that's what the internet is for. Today I left work feeling like it was a different office.

Perhaps too many people came to the end of their tether, or maybe the straw that broke one camels back gave license for the entire herd to stampede, but by the time we closed the frosted glass doors behind as and descended in the elevator, we were pleased to be out of there.

All workplaces have office politics. Perhaps it is better that these releases occur on a smaller, yet more regular basis rather than getting bottled up and having a department wish the day had never happened.

I am hopeful that it was just today. On the other hand, a guard has been let down, a charade may have been dropped, and rather than this being a frustrated release, I am worried of this becoming the new face of the workplace.

Midweek is passing us, the week is almost over. Roll on Thursday so we can party and put all this behind us.

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