Thursday, July 20, 2006

"The Situation"

It's about time I shared my views on the "situation", ten days in, I have had plenty time to think, aclimatise and adjust to the reality.

In moving to Israel, you know you're moving to a region that can kick of at any moment, and sure thing, it has. Overnight the boarder was transformed into a conflict. Families in the north are experiencing something we have never endured before, and a wave of fear shot through many people I know, but only for a short while. Israel is strong, not just militarily, but there is a strong morale, and in Jerusalem it is life as normal.

Over the last week I have had a number of phonecalls from friends due to visit the country. Some booked their trips six months ago, others were here two weeks ago and are heading back soon at the end of the month. If you were planning to move to Haifa, I would suggest relocating, other than that, get over here. If you have fear, don't be scared to show it, but don't be an armchair Zionist either. You can either worry about the tenth day of the violence, or be aware that this is the fifty-sixth year of the conflict, whatever puts you at ease. The centre of the country is functioning as normal, and the north needs our support.

The country is worried for their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends who are serving in the army, but the country is not worried about survival. It's the Israeli spirit that keeps the country going, it's a psychological strength that isn't destroyed by volatility. There are moments that make you gasp. I spoke to a friend who had been at Haifa train station the moment rockets hit and killed eight. On the flip side you have to be able to enjoy the amusing moments like Bush's brutal honesty.

Most importantly I would like to say thank you. Thank you to organisations such as Birthright, FZY, USY, NSY, Bnei Akiva and all the tours that have kept their participants in Israel. These names come to mind as they buses I drove past today. I am sure there are more, and this vote of thanks goes out to you all. Thank you for not canceling groups set to be coming over. On a personal level, thank you for making summer continue as usual. Thank you for not being scared by the media, and for supporting us when the we need it. Seeing the tour buses with their logo banners driving around Jerusalem made me feel the solidarity, and for that I am grateful.

May everyone stay safe, and enjoy a peaceful, restful shabbat.

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