Thursday, April 12, 2007

Post Pesach Run Down

I'm not too big a fan of being out of Israel for the chagim, Israel is the focus of my beliefs, so where better to spend the festivals? Even more so when we're spending a week marking our redemption from slavery and the start of our nation. Add the accommodating nature of Israel to the argument (one day of chag, eating kitnyiot, no bullshit) and ideology + convenience = a great time.

My Mum and I travelled to Tzfat for Lel HaSeder [Seder Night], and chag was in motion. Discussion was lively and the Pesach story came to life in passionate Hebrew discussion, but a day later, we were on the road once again.

Over the course of the week I drove 1000km. I visited Tzfat, went camping, enjoyed a beautiful Shabbat at the Dead Sea, and spent Chag Sheni in Netanya with friends visiting from the UK. Pesach week was spent with family, friends from home, and friends visiting, and the photos will be online just as soon as I have done my laundry and settled back into day to day life.

Living in Israel is a blessing, but it is rare that I get the opportunity to visit much of the country. I leave Jerusalem every day for work, and occasionally visit Tel Aviv or Efrat, but other than that, I don't get much time to see the land. This week gave me the opportunity to sleep under the stars, and gaze upon all three of our seas.

Bring on the summer... there's plenty of camping that needs to be done!

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