Wednesday, December 27, 2006

White (post) Christmas

As I through Gan Sacer on the way to work two days ago, the park was dusted with frost. The trees were swaying gently in the morning air and my breath drifted in front of me as I walked. Jerusalem was ready for a crisp, clean winters day. Later than expected, it felt like winter, and of course, there was talk of snow.

As I jumped on the bus on the way to work this morning, the skies were grey. Water was gushing along the roads and I was covered from head to toe in various plastic garments. Braced with the confidence of Aquaman, I got on the bus and there was still talk of snow.

There was no snow. The day off was cancelled, and off to work we went.

All the Jerusalemites in the office were constantly in touch with friends back in the city, IM reports advised us of the weather, and the final say was left up to Kotel Cam. As it 3pm, we decided to head home so to avoid the traffic. As we travelled along Route 443 the rain was constant, until we peaked on a hilltop, and everything in front of us was white.

The next few months look to be predictably wet. The snow has already started to melt and scared Israeli drivers are getting used to the wet reality. Winter is truly here.

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