Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Week(end) that Was

Simchat Torah has traditionally been my least favourite of chaggim. Too many people just use it as an excuse to get drunk and become rowdy and immature. This year wasn't roudy or immature, but I saw the drunkenness from a different light. Plans to go to Efrat were modified and thirty of us headed to Moshav Mevo Modiin for chag.

I am no stranger to The Moshav so I kinda knew what to expect and the inspiration I found on Yom Kippur instilled me as we started hakafot and celebrated the Torah. OK, I don't want to start sounding like a raving hippy, but after a year during which I barely when to shul and was less and less motivated to do the Jewish stuff, but they have some sort of crazy joy that caused that "warm and fuzzy feeling" inside. The climax of the high holy days left me in a good place, and I hope for it to continue.

After shul, we headed to our host's house. The garden had a pagoda set up to keep bugs away from the food, and after the meal, people walked round the moshav, some returned to tents they had pitched wherever they found land, others found a place to crash. Ironically, I slept in a sukka.

I love the city life. I can't imagine not having a supermarket within walking distance or quarter-hourly buses to wherever I need to go, but the Moshav lifestyle is beautiful. Not specifically The Moshav, but the sense of community, safety and security that a close nit community can offer. Everyone has their tafkid, and is there to perform it. When I say it like that, it sounds like creation on a smaller scale.

As the sun set on Simchat Torah and the wine was wearing off, we hit 443 and headed back to Jerusalem. Not only to go home, but for my Birthday Party. Sugar Hill was packed, the bar was pumping, and I surprised, and touched, by how many people showed up to celebrate with me.

In other news, work continues to go nicely and my birthday was marked with a pay rise. We launch the website tomorrow thus the shackles of the Non Disclosure are coming loose. Tomorrow I will check if I am allowed to tell you what I do yet! The day has been long, apartment hunting is exhausting, but I am hopefully about signing a lease tomorrow morning. My 1 November (self set) deadline to move is becoming a reality (If you know of anyone looking to take over a room in a beautiful Baka apartment, send them my way, I need to find a sub letter for my old place).

Shabbat can't come soon enough.

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