Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New injury for the New Year

Can't type much, hand hurts. I do have a picture of the gash on my right hand but figured the squeamish might not want to see it. Once again I have had stitches in my right hand, three more bringing the life long total up to eleven.

Nothing as serious as last time, but slicing the fleshy "below the thumb" area on both of my hands with as an apple slicer split as I used it while trying to make apple crumble a few hours before Rosh Hashana earned me a visit to Terem (the emergency clinic).

Went back to work today after watching Series 2 of Lost in a day, quite frankly the house got dull and even though I am pretty useless at work, the Lod scenery really appealed this morning. We'll see about the rest of the week.

One other major update, after much nagging from many people, I managed to join Facebook. Yey?

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