Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Photos on Flickr

Every so often I get a call from a friend in the UK to tell me I haven't blogged in a while. Something I am quite aware of, but it was his way of saying "hi, how are you?". There are a few reasons I chose to blog less, one day I might go into them.

Internet obsessions come and go, last summer it was blogger, this year it is facebook, and my current favorite is flickr, and I have been spending time making sure there is more material there. Check out some of my new photos, including a wedding I was at last week, and a lovely Shabbat I just spent at En Gedi, except for the slight sunburn.

It was great to be away for a weekend, no need to cook, and spend two days on tiyulim, in the pool, and simply reading a book. I would highly recommend the Eretz En Gedi resort, this was the second time I have visited the place, and would certainly go back again. It's inexpensive but without compromising on quality.

Work continues to be good and even though we're edging towards the end of the summer, more friends arrive this week and the fun is just beginning.

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